September 25, 2022 Sermon

Luke 16:31 What Seems to Help in Life Fails in Death; What Seems to Fail in Life Helps in Death.

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Last week we learned the hard truth that while money can help make life easier in some ways, it cannot bring true happiness and fulfillment. This week we see that as much as money lets us down in life, its ultimate failure to deliver on its promises happens in death. Those who live with hearts filled with love for money and void of love for God will receive the only eternity that money can buy: one void of God and filled with pain. Though we might be fooled into thinking money helps in life, it will certainly fail us in death. Conversely, that which seems to offer little help in life will never fail us in death. The best example of this is the gospel. Those who hear and heed the Scriptures often appear to receive little benefit in life. Living by God’s Word doesn’t make life easier. In fact, faithfully following Christ often means a more challenging life, one filled with crosses and self-denial. Great wealth gains you the admiration and respect of the world. Being true to Scripture is more likely to gain you scorn and ridicule. Yet those who find the help they need in God rather than in money will never be disappointed. In death, they will receive a reward that dwarfs even the best things money can buy.

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September 18, 2022 Sermon

Luke 16:1–13 Serve God With Money; You Can’t Serve God and Money

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Theme: There are more than 2300 Bible passages that speak about money. Why? Money is a master Satan frequently tempts us to serve. And that evil foe knows how successful his efforts with money can be. Money provides us with a false comfort and a sense of security. It serves as a source of pride. It serves as a wonderful tool for a favorite pastime: justifying ourselves in our own eyes and the eyes of others. Jesus knows that serving money makes it impossible to serve God. The human heart is not big enough for both. As a result, Jesus does all he can to expose the futility of serving money. He also helps us see that the only one truly worth serving is our gracious, loving God. When we serve God, money is put in its proper place. Instead of money being a lord to serve, it becomes a resource for serving the Lord. This is the hard truth. There is no way for us to serve both God and money. But we can serve God with our money.

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