Sermon for November 5, 2023

Revelation 7:9-17 A Time to Focus on Future Glory

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Childbearing is an excruciating process. Yet each day countless women, wanting a baby, willingly become pregnant. This shows that pain can be endured if we know it is temporary and that happier times come immediately after. Likewise, the time in between Christ’s first and second comings are going to be full of hardship, especially for believers. How do we bear it? We remember that this is temporary. Happier times are coming! That truth is made crystal clear on this All Saints’ Day. On this day we remember every saint who has gone before us—all those who had faith in the Lamb of God: the heroes of faith in Scripture; our faithful Christian family members, now fallen asleep. They all endured hardship and pain. But no more. Now they enjoy perfect glory, peace, and joy. As we journey through this time in between, how do we endure? We remember all the saints. We focus on the future glory that waits for us.

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